Pesto! A Shake Appears!: Non-Sweet RESTORE Shake

Pesto! A Shake Appears!: Non-Sweet RESTORE Shake

Our very own head of Customer Service, Steven Sprague, went on a mission... more of a quest, if you will, to discover a successful (key word) savory Restore recipe that would work with our new Restore Professional Non-Sweet Vanilla. For all of our sakes, we thank him for his dedication and commitment.

Behold the first savory recipe worth sharing. Steven has named this shake: "Pesto! A Shake Appears!"  Steven will be thrilled to read your reviews. He found this shake to be quite light, subtle and refreshing. For the inside scoop on Steven's adventurous path to this first savory shake, scroll down to find the "less successful" attempts. 

But, in the meantime... Pesto!

Ingredients for your savory shake:

  1. One serving of Restore Professional Non-Sweet Vanilla
  2. One-half avocado
  3. One clove garlic 
  4. One-half cup unsweetened almond milk, chilled
  5. One Tablespoon fresh organic basil


Pesto! A Shake Appears

Instructions for your savory shake:

  1. Place all items into a blender.
  2. Blend thoroughly on high.
  3. Pesto! Drink right away!

As mentioned, there were other savory attempts that sadly fell short while testing. Some showed promise. Others were total failures.

Why make a savory shake at all, one might ask? For the challenge, of course!

STEVEN REFLECTS ON HIS LESS SUCCESSFUL ATTEMPTS:  It's easy to think of sweet smoothies when you can add lots of fruits or berries, even juice to get it just right, but savory is unfamiliar territory.

My first attempt was a ginger turmeric shake. Sounds pretty good, right? Strangely, this became too sweet immediately. I added spinach and arugula to counteract the sweet vanilla but that came out to a confusing liquid salad. Oregano was brought in, but is not recommended. The concept still shows some promise, but that remains for another day.

Things went downhill when trying the acidic route. I do not at any point recommend a tomato juice and sauerkraut shake (queue shivers from taste memory). I was aiming for a caprese salad shake and totally missed the mark. It had tomatoes and plain yogurt with basil, but the vanilla (even though non-sweet) threw off any balance, and the aftertaste was too sweet!

Pesto! Enjoy your lovely, bright subtle savory shake.... You're welcome!

Clearly I am just at the beginning of my research. More shakes will need to be tested and there is a list of ingredients that probably should never go together in a shake with a vanilla base. 

Conclusion? More research will be required...

It’s your body. It’s your life. Ingredients matter.

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