Green Machine<br>– Non-Sweet RESTORE Smoothie –

Green Machine
– Non-Sweet RESTORE Smoothie –

This healthy and delicious vegetable-based Restore, Non-Sweet smoothie is a great way to boost your daily fresh vegetables.  

Ingredients for Green Machine Smoothie:

  1. 2.5” unpeeled English cucumber
  2. ½ stalk celery
  3. Handful of baby spinach
  4. 1 serving Non-Sweet Vanilla Restore
  5. 8 oz of filtered water
  6. 1 to ½ cup ice (optional)

Instructions for your Green Machine Smoothie:

 In a blender, add:

  1. Liquid: water
  2. Cucumber, celery, spinach
  3. 1 serving Non-Sweet Vanilla Restore
  4. Ice (optional)
  5. Place ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.
Pour into your favorite glass and top with fresh dill. Enjoy!

    It’s your body. It’s your life. Ingredients matter.

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