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Digestive Health

Healthy Digestion Is Important To Overall Health And Wellness

It’s well known that to have a healthy body, one must consume the proper diet. A good balance of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats from fruits, vegetables, meats, and other forms of healthy foods is essential to not just living a healthy life but prospering as well. However, health isn’t just determined by what the body ingests; it’s mostly determined by what the body can digest and utilize. The building blocks used to make, repair, and maintain a healthy body must come from the proper digestion of healthy foods, and when our digestive tracts can’t operate normally, our whole body suffers because of it.

In addition to breaking down food for our bodies to use as fuel, a healthy digestive tract acts as the body’s first line of defense against toxins and disease-causing microorganisms. Not many know that great overall health starts in the digestive tract, as it pulls double duty in giving us the energy to get through every day and helps put up our strongest defense against harmful bacteria and diseases. Therefore, it is imperative to protect and maintain this system as well as we can.

That’s where the all-natural supplements from Tennant Products come in. Our vitamin and mineral supplements are made from completely natural sources and never contain any artificial flavors, colors, or dyes. You can use our digestive supplements as a natural therapy or take them to boost your digestive health. Our Healthy Gut Pro-B Formula and Digestive Enzyme Formula help bring balance to your digestive system, while also helping to boost it so you can tackle any food that comes your way. These natural health remedies will help your gut become healthy once more, which will help digestion as well as your immune system.

Dr. Tennant’s Healthy Gut Pro-B Formula

This natural digestive supplement is used to provide 30 billion Colony Forming Units (CFUs) per serving of probiotic-rich formula. These probiotics are supported by prebiotics, which are proven to replenish healthy GI microflora. Using specialized delivery technology, Dr. Tennant’s Healthy Gut Pro-B is designed to keep probiotics alive and well, even in stomach acid, which usually dissolves most probiotics, and into the intestines where they can colonize, helping to properly boost your digestive system. Our natural digestive formula will help your gut get back to its normal, highly functioning self.

  • 30 Billion CFUs per serving (most store-bought brands have one - 10 billion)
  • Delivers probiotics safely into the GI tract, even in stomach acid, thanks to Capsugel® DRcaps™ technology
  • Highly effective prebiotics Propol® A have been proven in clinical studies to enhance microflora populations (prebiotics support and nourish good bacteria)

Dr. Tennant’s Digestive Enzyme Formula

Our natural digestive enzyme is a full-spectrum, professional-strength product that uses 27 powerful, highly-potent digestive enzymes. These enzymes are designed to work under a wide range of pH conditions and use special enzymatic ingredients that target difficult-to-digest foods, like gluten, dairy, grains, and more! With Dr. Tennant’s Digestive Enzyme Formula you’ll achieve your maximum digestive activity, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy a wider range of foods once again without the fear of indigestion, upset stomach, or other digestive problems. Take back control of your digestive health with this all-natural digestive enzyme.

  • Full-spectrum formula that contains 27 powerful digestive enzymes
  • Targets difficult-to-digest foods, like gluten, dairy, and grains. 
  • Designed to work under a wide range of pH conditions.

Get digestive relief today when you order our Healthy Gut Pro-B Formula and our Digestive Enzyme Formula online. If you’re looking to buy other health supplements online, such as our essential oils or natural protein supplements, then Tennant Products has the holistic supplements you’ve been searching for. Shop our entire online supplement store, or if you have any questions about our natural vitamin and mineral supplements, feel free to contact Tennant Products to answer any questions.

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