Cellular Renewal: How Your Body Builds New Cells

Cellular Renewal: How Your Body Builds New Cells

Did you know that your body doesn't fix damaged cells,
but can only create new cells to replace damaged ones?


YUP!  When cells become worn out, damaged or die, the body makes new cells to replace them.  The body will regenerate worn out cells, so that they will be replaced by newer versions of themselves. 

This is why nutrition, voltage and avoidance of toxins is important, so that the new cell will be stronger than the last generation. 

In the case of damaged or dead cells from injury, the  intelligence of the body will provide new cells by cell division, by each cell splitting in two until sufficient cells have been restored.

The human body replaces its cells often. In fact, our bodies replace billions of cells every day.




There are quite a few things needed to create a new cell. Let's dive into a few of them.

  • -50 millivolts of energy (7.88 pH)
  • Amino Acids (inside the cells)
  • Fats (outside the cells)
  • Vitamins & Minerals (metabolic processes)
  • Oxygen
  • Fuel (fat & glucose)
  • Sewage System to get rid of waste proteins (lymphatic system)
  • System to protect from illness (immune system)
  • System to remove Toxic Substances (detox)

As you can see, this is much more complicated than drinking a protein shake and taking a handful of vitamins. To make new, healthy cells, the body needs adequate amounts of each of the items above, and they need to be in a form your body can easily process.


Unfortunately, many of the foods we eat today often don't carry the same nutritional value that they once did. This means that additional supplementation is often required to give the body all the necessary nutrients to create new, healthy cells, and these nutrients need to be in specific forms so the body can easily process them.

There are two terms you need to understand when it comes to cellular regeneration. They are methylation and bioavailability, which are both crucial for optimal cell development.


Methylation is the process of breaking down vitamins and nutrients, which our body uses to create energy in our cells. That occurs millions of times a day. It is the process that ensures the assimilation and absorption of the nutrients you consume through food. When we say our vitamins are in a "methylated form", what we mean is that they are ready for your body to use at the right time in the methylation process.

Did you know that up to 40% of people have issues with methylation, especially as we grow older?

Also, many vitamins on the market are synthetic, and our body has to go through extra processes to get the ingredients it needs to create new cells! Products that are GMO (bioengineered) or non-methylated versions can actually be toxic or even detrimental to a person's health.


Bioavailability is the ability for the actual broken-down (methylated) nutrients to be absorbed in the body so they can be utilized by the cells, and is often referred to as the "easiest form the body can use".
Bioavailability is defined as: "The amount of (a given nutrient) in food, medications, and supplements that are absorbed in the intestines and ultimately available for biological activity in your cells and tissues". —National Institute of Health, Office of Dietary Supplements
When referring to dietary supplements, bioavailability is not just the amount or fraction of the nutrient that's absorbed into the bloodstream, but also how much of it can be used by the body or stored for future use.


Think of building new cells like you're getting ready to build a house. If you only have windows and doorknobs, you're not going to be able to build a strong house that can protect you and your family.

A complete home build requires a firm foundation, windows, doors, lumber, electrical supplies, insulation, roofing materials, and many other things.

Materials = Nutrition

Just like a house, to build a new cell, you need the materials to do so. Think of nutrition as providing the materials to build a new cell. There are many types of materials needed to perform many of the specific tasks required to build a new cell.

Taking just protein and a handful of vitamins is much like trying to build a house with just windows and doorknobs; it simply doesn't work.

And just like building a home, the quality of the materials you use will determine the quality of your home. This is why we always say ingredients matter!

Construction = Energy

Once the quality building materials are available, someone needs to put the house together. This is the energy portion of the home build. Just like building a home, new cells need the ability to take the raw materials and have the energy to create a new, healthy cell.

When energy isn't present, healthy cells cannot be created.

There are a number of ways to increase energy in the body. Of course, movement creates energy, but there are other things to consider like the pH of the body. Adjusting the pH or "voltage" in the body is something that Dr. Tennant and the medical staff at the Tennant Institute have been doing for years, with various protocols and treatments. Visit the Tennant Institute website to learn more about this.

Clean-Up = Detoxificaion

The last component is clean-up. Every construction job can make a mess. The same is true in our bodies. Damaged cells or dead cells need to be removed from the body and cleaned up, just like a construction site. This process is known in the body as detoxification.
Creating new, healthy cells requires nutrition (building blocks), energy (to get the job done), and detox (to remove old and damaged cells).

Nutrition. Energy. Detox.

To give your body the best chance of making new, healthy cells, you want to be sure that you are consuming the best ingredients on the planet and in their best form—so your body won't have to work so hard to complete this process!


When thinking about all the body needs to create new, healthy cells, it is critical to ensure that:

  • All nutrients are present:
    • Good fats
    • Protein
    • Enzymes to break them down
    • A balanced amino acid profile
    • A comprehensive vitamin and mineral profile

  • In addition, they all need to be:
    • In the right quantity
    • Have the correct co-factors
    • Be in the most bioavailable form your body can use

This will allow your body to process them effectively and efficiently in the easiest way possible (so you won't have to use more energy!).

Dr. Tennant's® Restore is designed with all these things in mind, with:

  • No fillers
  • No preservatives
  • No GMOs
  • Everything in its methylated form
  • And only using the best ingredients on the planet!

Dr. Tennant's® Restore has simplified making sure your body has what it needs to create new, healthy cells, with the least possible amount of work for your body, in order to create clean, healthy cells each and every day.

After Restore, everything else you put into your body is simply calories and fuel for the day.

Curious about how easy it is to make new, healthy cells using the best ingredients on the planet? Give Dr. Tennant's® Restore a try, and let us know how you feel!

We’re confident you’ll notice the difference. Start living your best life!

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