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REAL, PURE Ingredients
that work with YOUR BODY.

Your body. Your Life. Ingredients Matter.

We provide the absolute best quality, most bioactive, all natural products at the lowest prices possible with No GMO, Sugar, Soy, Gluten, Toxic Fillers, Artificial Flavors, or Preservatives.

Why do doctors and nutritionists recommend Tennant Products?
It's because of our high quality ingredients.

Experience our unprecedented quality

from Restore to Neo40, the vitamins that can be methylated are broken down in their natural form (making a complex process simple)
this is what all of our products supply – Restore to Magnesium (DiMalate) and the Iodine Plus Capsules – all intend to work immediately
we use the highest quality vitamins and ingredients in all our products as a standard rule of thumb, so you know you’re getting a quality product every time.
Iodine, Restore, Raw Materials, Brain Food – all comprehensive systems that are designed to be metabolized well and work with the body most efficiently
our blends are designed to work with one another to create a result when combined that is more impactful than each of the ingredients individually
No stimulants, no preservatives and the best on the planet.
We are proud of our product and want you to know what you are putting into your body.
We use natural vitamins rather than synthetic so your body can absorb everything without any additional toxins and in the easiest form possible.

Top Products

Probiotic Formula 
Digestive Enzymes
Lugol's Iodine
Brain Food +
Raw Materials

Why Tennant Products?

This is more than a job for us. This is our passion.

We go the extra mile to make available pure, therapeutic grade ingredients that were only available through doctors and other health care practitioners. Now we offer them to you!

We use only the highest quality natural ingredients in the most bioavailable form possible with careful formula design for easy absorption and use by your body. You will never find synthetic ingredients, toxic fillers or preservatives in our products.

We are family owned and operated, and we know that ingredients matter. We have overcome our own health challenges and are passionate about health and nutrition. We carry this through in the products we make. This is more than a job for us. This is our passion.

It’s your body. It’s your life. Ingredients matter.

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Customer Testimonials

See how Tennant products have helped people around the world

Mary K.

After 5 years of loose stool/diarrhea (stomach cancer and pancreas removed), I now have solid stool after taking Dr. Tennant’s Digestive Enzymes each meal.

Betty G.

I started doing research on what was in Restore comparing to what I was taking for my supplements (about 23 different things). When I compared the products, I came to realize that what I was taking was minimal compared to what was in the Restore. The Restore gave me almost everything I needed plus a lot more. I did the price comparison (my vitamins vs Restore) and I found that I would be saving over $150.00 dollars a month plus getting a lot more of what I wasn’t taking.

Karen K.

I started taking the Tennant supplements a year ago. I didn’t even realize that I was run down and just took them at the urging of a friend. Within a few days I noticed increased energy and stamina throughout the day. I am a teacher and needed to sit at my desk more than I wanted to just because I was always so tired. This past school year however, I rarely sat at my desk. Wow! What a difference! Thank you, Dr Tennant and Staff, for creating and sustaining incredible products.

Margaret G.

I particularly like Tennant Products. They focus on assisting the body to heal and maintain good health. The staff are very helpful if you have questions.


I found the Tennant Restore Professional formula an excellent product. So complete and so effective! Because our food is not anymore nourishing us, we need to integrate our daily food with a valid, complete and healthy food supplement, in order to prevent illnesses and diseases caused by our lifestyle. I did that with the help of the Tennant Restore Professional formula. In addition, it tastes good!

Claudette L.

I have had a severe form of Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome for years, and for the first time ever my mineral intake of Fulvic Acid has helped tremendously. Thank you infinitely to Dr. Tennant.

George R.

I have been using Dr Tennant's Professional Restore for several years now, and I wouldn't use anything else. In fact, I have my wife and grown children on it too. It has most everything known to be needed, in the right form and right dosage. It is easy to take, and you can adjust the dosage as you desire. I take a full scoop every day. My wife takes a 3/4 scoop every other day. My wife and I also take a dose of Iodine about once or twice a week. Thank you, Dr Tennant and Staff!

Sarah L.

After reading healing is Voltage I ordered Raw Materials, Fungal detox and Lugol’s Iodine Plus. Within two weeks my phantom teeth pain is 90 % gone, my bulging belly fat has reduced to nothing and I dropped 7 pounds of inflammation. Next, I look forward to reaping the benefits of Tennant's essential oils, next on my list to purchase! Thank You Dr. Tennant!!!! Stay safe and well.

Patsy S.

As a certified holistic nutritionist and raw food chef, I was constantly aware of what I needed to eat or take as supplements for optimal support of my body. I tried my absolute best but still came down with a rare lung disease. After finding Dr. Tennant, I can honestly say that I no longer fret about what nutrients I need to take, as I know he has done the due diligence in providing the most complete supplement protocol with Restore, Lugols Iodine Plus, Digestive Enzymes and Neo40. It is quite a relief to know that my body now has everything it needs to heal...and then to hear him say "anything else you eat during the day is just for fuel" is definitely a new way of thinking!

Karen M.

My family has benefitted from the many Tennant Products we use. Dr. Tennant’s Brain Food is great for clearer thinking and staying on task. On mornings when I use it, I definitely am more productive! The Digestive Enzyme Formula has been a game changer! No more acid reducers. Looking forward to trying more products. We feel so much better!!


I read Dr. Tennant's book Healing is Voltage - I was so impressed (I think he is a genius) - the depth of knowledge he has, and shares, in so many areas of science and health, is incredible! We love his essential oils - My husband sleeps much better now, using "Sweet Dreams" and "Helichrysum Blend" - We are grateful to you Dr. Tennant! And we are using your advice in our daily lives and practice - Thank you so much! I

Lori O.

I tell you that Dr. Tennant’s oils blow anything out of the water completely. I was informed about Dr. Tenant through a close friend who speaks highly of this man and his work endlessly. His soreness oil changed my life in terms of PAIN management. Game changer!!!

Jody L.

Taking the nutritional supplements has been fabulous. I weigh what I did in college!


As I start to my enter my 30s and feeling fatigue and lethargic, a friend of mine recommended Dr. Tennants Humic/Fulvic Acid. I was skeptical spending $40 on it, but boy am I happy. I joke with my friend and tell him all the time how that's the best thing he has ever done for me. My body just feels terrific after taking it for about a week. It is so good that I order it while living in Saudi Arabia!

Health at the
Cellular Level

Dr. Tennant’s Cellular Nutrition Program

Health begins as the cellular level. The body doesn’t get well by making damaged cells work correctly. It gets well by making new cells that work correctly. The process of rebuilding a new and healthy you is based on the fact that the body is constantly replacing cells. As each new cell is built, the body seeks proper building materials from which to construct the cell. The body has the ability to heal itself of many ailments if it is supplied with sound nutrition and proper cellular energy.

Learn More

Who is Dr. Jerry Tennant?

Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PScD is a world-renowned physician, international author, and integrative health practitioner. He is a Harvard-trained ophthalmologist, founder of The Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine, and was named one of Top 20 Alternative Doctors in America.

Dr. Tennant holds over 13 patents for medical devices including intraocular lenses and surgical instruments. He is a pioneer in helping with the integration of a more holistic approach to the practice of medicine today, sharing a Who’s Who lists of integrative/alternative practitioners - with names like Drs. Oz, Mercola, Weil, Sears, Brownstein, and others.

Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PScD, founder of The Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine, is a world-renowned physician and integrative health practitioner.

Dr. Tennant was named among Top 20 Alternative Doctors in America in the book Learn How the Top 20 Alternative Doctors in America can Improve Your Health.

Dr. Tennant was also recently listed in the Top 25 on a list of 100 integrative medical doctors in the United States by Newsmax.

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