Science based supplements that work with your body.

Effective ingredients and formulas that are methylated and bioavailable.

With more than 60 years healing patients, Dr. Jerry Tennant formulated science-backed supplements that work. Originally sold only through doctors, they are now available directly to you.

Every ingredient carefully curated

The purest, highest quality to work with your body.

Every one of our products are made with the very best ingredients available. Learn why Dr. Tennant sets an exceptionally high standard and how ingredients are sourced around the world to bring them to your home.

Testimonials & Success Stories



Life Saving!

"Dr. Tennant’s supplements have saved my life. I remember a few months ago when I barely could get up from my bed and since I started taking this shake and the rest of my protocol supplements I feel alive again!! Thank you Dr. Tennant for saving my life and the lives of so many!!"

Austin, TX

Best, Highest Quality

"I have more energy, my skin changed, I have more mental clarity and I am not spending hours organizing a cabinet full of different products. Tennant products are the best and highest quality I have found in my decades of doing this work."

Cyndi, Pure Health Center
Wilmette, IL

My Clients Love Them

"I have noticed a significant shift in my own health. Our clients have noticed incredible shifts in adrenal fatigue, thyroid irregularities, digestive disruptions, and overall health benefits from taking the Tennant Products. We try to keep everything in stock, but most of the products we sell out of!"

Dr. Lynne Ward, Foundations For Health
Davidson, NC

Full of Energy

"I was resigning myself to feeling horrible for the rest of my life. 'That's just part of getting old,' I thought. Now, I am full of energy and able to do things I couldn't do over 10 years ago! Thank you for giving me my life back!"

old man running
Columbia, MD

Blows Other Products Away!

"I thought I had the whole protein powder figured out, but I was shocked when I compared labels of Restore to my other supplement powders. Restore blew them all out of the park, hands down. My husband loves it, too!"

Portland, OR

Read Dr. Tennant's extraordinary story: Over 60 years of helping patients.

Recognized as one of the leading alternative and integrative doctors in the USA, Dr. Tennant is committed to finding effective, science based solutions to help his patients optimize their health.



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