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Dr. Tennant’s Cellular Nutrition Program

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Who is Dr. Jerry Tennant?

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Dr. Tennant's BRAIN FOOD

Find yourself having trouble focusing or remembering? Dragging through your days in a fog sometimes? …Dr. Tennant’s Brain Food is designed to provide your brain the nutrients it needs for cognitive focus and mental acuity.

We experience brain fog when we do not have enough glucose-based fuel or when there is impaired glucose utilization in the brain. Your brain uses glucose as a substrate for energy but will use ketones for energy when not enough glucose-based fuel is available. Your body can use ketones ingested or your liver can make ketones from medium-chain-fatty acids.

Dr. Tennant’s Brain Food has both ketones and MCTs.   


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Dr. Tennant’s® Gut Bootcamp Bundle

Get your Digestive and Immune Health in Shape with Dr. Tennant’s® Gut Bootcamp Bundle!

You’re only as healthy as your gut! But… Digestive issues seem to plague most of us. 60-70 million Americans are living with digestive disease 1 & nearly 2/3rds have had a GI issue in the last week, including heartburn/reflux, bloating, diarrhea, & constipation 2. Digestion is important & so is your immune system. Did you know that 70 - 80% of your immune tissue is situated in your digestive tract?


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Restore FAMILY Formula

Dr. Tennant’s Restore Family Formula is designed to provide cellular nutrition for the entire family.

With 22g of protein and slightly more dietary fiber than the PROFESSIONAL Formula, Dr. Tennant’s Restore FAMILY Formula is different from the robust PROFESSIONAL formula in that the FAMILY formula provides a less intense formula while still providing all the essential vitamins and minerals necessary to make new cells and includes essential ingredients, such as digestive enzymes, prebiotic and dietary fiber, and fatty acids to assist in digestion and absorption, along with colostrum to enhance your immune system.


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The combination of Restore, Lugol's Iodine, Raw Materials and Adrenal eliminates having to open 15 to 20 bottles two or more times daily, plus cuts the monthly cost by hundreds of dollars. The combination supplements your daily cellular needs and improves thyroid and adrendal function by promoting the Krebs cycle daily.

Tom Kaptain, Neuromuscular Therapist at the Texas Center For Neuromuscular

I have had the opportunity to work with many great minds in medicine during my career in the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement fields, but none quite like Dr. Tennant’s.  Dr. Tennant has an incredibly deep understanding of how the body works and what is required to help it make new healthy cells which are necessary to restore health.   He formulated his products with this in mind, along with a dedication that only the highest-quality ingredients be used to manufacture his products to support this goal.  It has been humbling and a pleasure to hear so many stories of how his products havebenefited so many people and their families.

CareyLyn Carter, Directing Biochemist and Founder of Mother Earth Labs, Inc.

I have found Dr. Tennant's research and teaching to be spot on when it comes to the true restoration of health! I am a believer that our health is "Won and Lost" at the cellular level. I have greatly benefited from his teaching, as well as my clients. I highly recommend his product line as these are truly some of the most high-quality and bio-available products available today. 

Dr. Stuart Hoover, PSc.D, Founder of Essential2Health LLC.
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