Why Ingredients Matter. Really!

Why Ingredients Matter. Really!

We are what we eat. We know that if we consume the right nutrients, we feel better. We understand that vibrant, healthy lives require the ability to create new healthy cells.

Every ingredient is carefully curated 

At Tennant Products we take great pride in ensuring our products contain the purest ingredients on the planet in their most bioavailable form. It is critical that each ingredient is sourced, tested for identity and microbiology, stored appropriately and cared for throughout the manufacturing process with the utmost care. We go to great lengths to ensure that each ingredient is in its natural form so it can be used by the body without additional stress, waste or extra energy exerted.

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Only the Best

We believe pure and natural is best for the body. This is why no GMOs, fillers, added sugars, artificial flavors or toxic excipients are used in any of our products.

We also exclude the use of stimulants in our products. For example, when creating Dr. Tennant’s® Brain Food, we developed a product that will give energy and fuel to the brain; but in doing so, we could not use caffeine, like most other brain supplements. We used only MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) and Ketones, along with some bioavailable cofactors for a healthy way to stay focused and alert for hours. A benefit of not using stimulants like caffeine is that you don’t experience a crash or edgy side effects, rather your brain has what it needs to run well and provide a sense of well-being.

Try Dr. Tennant’s® Brain Food for a natural way to stay focused and in the zone for hours!

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How Supplements are Made and Where They are Sourced

How products are made and where they are sourced is important. All of our products are manufactured in the USA with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standards. At Tennant Products, we also trace back each of our ingredients to the original source to ensure there are no additional toxins or ingredients added along the way.


We also ensure that the ingredients provided are in the most bioavailable form, or “methylated form.” Methylation is a process that happens in our bodies millions of times daily. This is a process where nutrients are broken down into forms the body can use. There are many steps in this process, and often each step contains many sequences to get from point A to point B. Studies have shown us that more than 40% of the population have issues with this process of converting nutrients, so we go the extra mile to ensure the ingredients we provide are each in their most usable form for your body regardless of how well you methylate.

“Fast Pass” for Methylation

An example of this is Vitamin B3. Niacin or Niacinamide is often used as part of the Vitamin B-Complex. Niacin actually has to go through several steps to convert into NADH, the form our bodies use for energy. Tennant Products is giving you NADH instead of the Niacin as this is the form our bodies use, and it can be immediately put to use. Removing the additional steps our bodies complete millions of times throughout the day is like receiving a “Fast Pass” at Disneyland where you simply skip the line and show up for the ride without having to wait in line.

This approach ensures the body will use the nutrients provided in Tennant Products’ formulas, because they are not only in the most pure and natural form, but also are ready for immediate absorption.

You can find your "Fast Pass" to nutrition with Restore's NADH and other ingredients.

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Backed by Science

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The nutritional world is ever-changing and evolving. Scientists are publishing new studies about how nutrition is evolving, and new research is constantly being updated. Tennant Products is following these studies and trends to ensure we are able to provide the best products backed by science and published research.

One example of this is a change we made in our Vitamin E.  Initially, Dr. Tennant’s® Restore Professional used mixed tocopherols as they were thought to have the best overall bioavailability. Then several studies were published about tocotrienols and their improved bioavailability in the body.

After additional research, Tennant Products made the switch from mixed tocopherols to DeltaGold® Tocotrienols as the studies showed significantly improved bioavailability for Vitamin E; and we were able to trace the DeltaGold® Tocotrienols to the source, ensuring no potential GMOs or toxins would be involved. Yes, this ingredient costs a little more, but wouldn’t you rather know the origin of what you consume and have the easiest form for your body to use?

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Designed for You

Each ingredient is carefully curated and thoughtfully formulated to work effectively in the body. That should be a given with any supplement. Unfortunately, many products are not designed with co-factors or consideration for how the product will function or where it needs to be to function well in the body. Take probiotics as an example. Much of what you swallow is consumed by acid in the stomach and never makes it to where it is needed. At Tennant Products, we use a special acid resistant capsule technology with a time release that protects the probiotics through the stomach acid, so they can arrive in the gut where they do their good work. In addition, we included prebiotics to “feed” the probiotics so that the probiotics thrive longer and can be even more effective for you. Experience the difference with Dr. Tennant’s Probiotic Formula.

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We understand that each person who is actively looking for supplements is searching for something better. You want answers, information and a product that actually works. At Tennant Products, we know that ingredients matter because you matter. Each of us at Tennant Products have a story that has led us to pursue the best research of nutrition and bioavailability, and to create products that have improved our quality of life. We want the same for you.

We invite you to experience ingredients that actually work using the purest, highest quality ingredients on the planet.

It’s your body. It’s your life. Ingredients matter.

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