Do You Have Pill Fatigue?

Do You Have Pill Fatigue?

Pill fatigue? Yep, it’s a thing!

With seven out of ten Americans taking prescription medications and four out of five taking supplements, many of us are finding it harder and harder to stay committed to our health endeavors, while gagging down a cluster of pills each day.

Owning and running a supplement business, I’ve heard it over and over: “Terri, I just can’t force down pills anymore".

Many of our gag reflexes are on high alert these days. With the pandemic, many of us have been trying to up our game to be proactive with our health and wellness: eating better, exercising, and taking nutritional supplements. And all the pills are adding up to...a lot! Now to figure out how manage them all.

Our cabinets are full of miscellaneous pill bottles.

As responsible adults, most of us are taking multiple supplements promising health. If you’re like me, with everything else I’m trying to manage in my life, keeping track of a supplement cabinet inventory gets put on the back burner. Before I know it, the bottles seem to have multiplied; and I don’t recall what I’m supposed to take with what, or even what each one does versus the others. The inventory can get overwhelming, not to mention trying to manage which supplements I should take at what times with or without certain medications, and on what days.

Fortunately, the health and wellness industry has been hearing our frustrations. Over the past few years, the industry has developed innovative form factors such as gummies, fizzy tablets, and powders to alleviate our of misery of choking down mounds of pills each year.

Powders, versus gummies and fizzies, tend to have a bit more upside.

Supplements such as an “all-in-one” supplement can replace several bottles of pills OR gummies and fizzies. Many see powders as a great option, because we can mix them with a liquid of our choice, or pretty much whatever fruits and veggies we like, to create our own drink or smoothie. I imagine this isn’t news to you, as you have likely noticed the increase in health drinks and mixes recently.

Escaping pill fatigue can be easy by changing to a powder;

but make note to choose just the right formula.

Our bodies are designed to be a system where everything is linked together. We may consume something, and it will be processed in the body in different ways, depending upon what else is in the system at that time. This is particularly important to understand when taking certain medications with other medications or with supplements. A medication may not work in the body with certain supplements, or there could be an adverse reaction. Inversely, certain ingredients help the effectiveness of other ingredients in the body.

In the supplement space, we talk about co-factors which assist with chemical reactions in the body. Speaking specifically of supplements, many supplements are formulas designed with co-factors to help your body absorb and use the vitamins and minerals optimally.

Anyone can throw multiple vitamins and other intriguing ingredients into a supplement, but designing a formula that is easy for the body to absorb and use is delicate and technical. This is why biochemists wear glasses and lab coats (wink).

Fortunately, Dr. Tennant understood the complexity of formula design

AND also understood pill fatigue.

Dr. T was tired of managing dozens of bottles of pills and forcing them down each morning. He wanted to make life and nutrition easier for himself and his patients.

Partnering with a brilliant biochemist, Dr. Tennant designed the most robust all-in-one multi-nutrient on the market. There is nothing anywhere on the planet that contains as many wonderful health building ingredients or of the exceptional quality as Dr. Tennant’s® Restore. I know, because I looked everywhere going through my own health journey. This is why I joined this company!

Dr. Tennant’s® Restore makes things simple, easy, and eliminates pill fatigue.

We’ve done all the work for you.

Each formula has been scientifically and carefully curated. Designed for your body to absorb and use effectively, Restore has more than 70 powerful health and wellness supporting ingredients. Several of which require special licensure, and there are more than 20 ingredients that are patented and trademarked. You can't even buy this level of quality without going through a doctor.

Body scoop

Restore is comprehensive with each intricate and comprehensive formula including support for…

  • Sustained energy
  • Cardiovascular
  • Immunity
  • Digestion
  • Detox

And back to pill fatigue...

You would need to take at least

64 pills a day to equal the same nutrition as in

1 scoop of Restore!

Of course, I can go on and on, bragging about this amazing formula. It’s changed my life. I’m a mom and CEO, who’s trying to keep all the balls in the air—oh and still look good, right?! So I don’t have much time to fuss with calculating the run rates of my at-home-supplement-inventory or to research the appropriate co-factors for a pile of pills each day.

With Restore, I have the confidence that I am covered. One scoop in a smoothie on fun days and with water in a shaker bottle on super busy days, and I’m out the door getting on with my life!

Pill fatigue? Check! Off my list.

Hope this helps with your health journey decisions!
—Terri Tennant, Tennant Products CEO

P.S. Check out our yummy Restore Smoothie Recipes!

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