Fathers Day how to keep dad healthy

Terri's Tennant's Top 3 Supplements for Dads

Take Good Care of Dad this Father’s Day!

My father-in-law, Dr. Tennant, played a huge role in me regaining my health; and today as Tennant Products CEO, I dedicate my life to helping others with theirs, including my dad's. Whether it’s your "traditional" dad or your chosen dad, you wanna make sure that this special person is taking good care of themselves, living well and running strong.

Here are my top three favorite “Dad Supplements"… and yes, I make sure my dad is taking all these year round.

Despite their dad jokes, dads add so much to our lives by doing things like teaching us how to ride a bike, build a fort, or change a flat tire. As Father’s Day approaches, we want to help our dads live their best lives. 

I want make sure my dad enjoys his Father's Day to the fullest; and like most men, his celebration includes food. You know he’s gonna want his favorite foods. For some dads it’s BBQ, and for others perhaps a steak. Whatever his favs are, Dad should be able to indulge. Unfortunately, many of these wonderful foods can cause heartburn and indigestion and ruin the fun. You can help Dad out this Father’s Day to avoid such party fouls with Dr. Tennant’s® Digestive Enzymes Formula, which provides 27 known enzymes to help break down hard-to-digest foods and ease digestion for any meal. Trust me, this is a lifesaver at BBQs!

As the passing of time turns our dads into “Old Dudes,” they are still cool and wanna do their cool dude stuff. Some of our dads are still playing basketball (just now it’s with the grandkids) and some of them are taking on new hobbies like cycling, walking or golf. Whatever your dad is into, his cardio health is ever more important as the years tick by. It’s essential that we maintain good circulation and oxygen in our bodies as we age. Make sure Dad can still "bring it" with Neo40 Professional Nitric Oxide twice a day.

From helping us with science projects, teaching us about money and politics, to the insider pro tips for poker, dads’ brains have been imparting knowledge to us our entire lives. Yet, as we age, there are a number of things that can diminish our memory and mental acuity. Make sure Dad’s brain is in top shape with Dr. Tennant’s® Brain Food or Brain Food Plus. These formulas provide the brain the energy it needs for top performance and well-being, and an added plus is that they also help support the liver.

Hey, it’s true that whether your dad is an “old dude” or not yet considering himself one, dads are still cool; and we want the best for them. They have done so much for us and make our lives so much richer. Don’t we owe it to them to help them live their best life?

With tremendous gratitude to my father,

Terri Tennant, CEO Tennant Products

Let's get Dad living his best life!

It’s your body. It’s your life. Ingredients matter.

Featured Products in This Article:

Dr. Tennant’s® Digestive Enzyme Formula helps with several digestive issues such as GERD, heartburn, acid reflux, and improperly digested foods. 

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Dr. Tennant’s® Brain Food provides your brain the nutrients it needs for cognitive focus, mental acuity and memory function, and helps eliminate brain fog naturally. Dr. Tennant’s® Brain Food contains: Ketones; MCTs – Medium Chain Triglycerides; and no Caffeine or stimulants, just natural pure nutrients for your brain.

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Neo40® Professional is a clinically researched, patented technology in the form of a quickly dissolvable tablet. It is the first and only system to safely generate an independent source of physiological nitric oxide (NO) for systemic restoration. 

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