Missing Strawberry Restore? Try This...<p>Delicious Strawberry Smoothies Await

Missing Strawberry Restore? Try This...

Delicious Strawberry Smoothies Await

Are you missing Strawberry Restore? We miss this discontinued product too. However, we're excited to offer a delightful alternative!

Discover Strawberry Smoothies with Vanilla Restore

Our new Vanilla Restore is the perfect base for homemade strawberry smoothies!

Click the images below to try these easy and scrumptious recipes:         


summer strawberry smoothis recipie



Convenient New Packaging

Our Restore formulas now come in a handy 14-day supply of single servings, beautifully boxed for your on-the-go lifestyle. No more zip-lock bags or bulky canisters in the fridge—and yes, our packets are fully recyclable!

To find your NEW favorite Restore, just click here.

New packaging for Restore

Enhanced Flavor Reviews Are In!

Based on your valuable feedback, we have completely redesigned our chocolate and vanilla flavors: 

  • Vanilla that is smoother and richer.

  • Chocolate that tastes like brownies and hot cocoa.

AND no more aftertaste, because...
e transitioned from organic whole-leaf stevia to organic monk fruit. 

    The results?

    Just smoother and richer flavors that our customers are raving about. 

    Don't just take our word for it...here is what people are saying: 

    New Restore Formulas Reviews - people love the new flavors

    Ready to taste the difference? Find your favorite Restore product in its new, improved form by clicking here.

    We're confident you'll love the new Restore as much as we do. Thank you for letting us be part of your optimal health journey.