Mission 48<p>Empowering Young Girls

Mission 48

Empowering Young Girls

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Women & Young Girls’ Fitness

Mission 48: 48 Events in 48 States in 48 Days!

Tennant Products is honored to be the Mission 48 Sponsor for the state of Texas. 

Kelsey Lensman is on a mission to complete 48 fitness competitions in 48 states within 48 days, in order to inspire a movement of girls and women stepping out of their comfort zones, building confidence through doing hard things, and pushing their limits.

During the 48 days across 48 states, Kelsey will be hosting mini events in each state, inviting women to join in, and bring awareness to ROX, Ruling Our eXperiences, a 501c(3) that develops confident girls who control their own relationships, experiences, decisions, and futures.

Tennant Products Alignment

We are driven by a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of physical activity, especially in young women. This mission aligns seamlessly with our core values and the life experiences of our very own CEO, Terri Tennant.

Reflecting on her personal journey, Terri shared, "In my youth, I was actively involved in dance and sports. I've reaped the benefits of it even in my 50s. The muscle development and activity we undertake during our formative years set the tone for lifelong health and fitness.  The physical activity and lessons learned from it also promote mental health, well-being, and self-confidence. It’s essential to the quality of life for women at any age.”

Tennant Products is Fueling Kelsey Through this Challenge

MASSIVE thank you to Tennant Products for being the Texas State Sponsor. I use Brain Food, Raw Materials, and Restore to keep my body operating at 100%. To get the most out of your body, you must put the best in your body.  Tennant Products is serious about quality ingredients and helps me elevate my recovery.  

~  Kelsey Lensman

Kelsey Lensman Mission 48 Empowerher Program

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ROX (Ruling Our eXperiences)

ROX, is a national non-profit leader in programming, research and education focused on girls. It provides evidence-based 20-week empowerment programs for girls in elementary, middle, and high school. ROX trains counselors, social workers, and educators to facilitate these programs in schools around the country. The programs teach girls how to communicate effectively, form a healthy body image, navigate social media, and become leaders. Kelsey Lensman Mission 48 ROX helping young girls with self confidence

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Who is Kelsey Lensman?

Let us introduce you to an amazing young woman who is igniting a movement to inspire young women and girls about true self-confidence and that when you start to push your limits, do hard things, they are more capable and stronger than they could ever imagine.

Kelsey Lensman is a 27-year-old entrepreneur, sports medicine specialist, sought-after speaker and self-proclaimed “normal girl on a big mission.” 

Kelsey Lensman Mission 48 ROX

She graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in sports medicine with original plans to attend physical therapy graduate school. However, during her senior year she felt a pull on her heart that she had a different mission.

After a life-changing year of training to step on a bodybuilding stage, she realized that our capability far surpasses what we imagine and that true transformation comes from nutrition, training, mindset, and community. Kesey challenged her own limits to become a 5x bodybuilding competitor, 4x powerlifting competitor, powerbuilder, olympic lifter, and has competed in many other events.

Since then she’s founded EmpowHER Fitness which coaches women all around the country in their nutrition, fitness, and mindset, as well as EmpowHER Events. These events challenge women to step out of their comfort zone and show themselves they're stronger than they think. Her unique approach to fitness has helped hundreds of women get results, grow their mindset, and become strong, confident versions of themselves.

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Run (or walk) Alongside Kelsey in Austin, TX Sept. 23rd:

Join Kelsey and our very own Scott Jessen, along with hundreds of other supporters, on September 23rd in Barton Springs, Austin TX.

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Mission 48's goal is to fund 10K girls for ROX's 20-week program. Offer your support by donating directly to ROX.


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