Exciting New Changes<p> Restore and Brain Food

Exciting New Changes

Restore and Brain Food

We have been working hard to bring you a whole new way to experience Dr. Tennant's® Restore and Brain Food.

You Asked, and We Listened!

We know change is hard, but when the change delivers great things, it's hard to contain our excitement. Here at Tennant Products, we don't just have customers, we have raving fans who know that our products are the best, most comprehensive on the market.  We want you to feel as good about the upcoming changes as we do...so below, we provide answers to your many anticipated and valid questions.

Questions You May Have About Changes

You asked, and we listened! We started working on this nearly four years ago, collecting customer input through surveys and focus groups and doing research for cost-effective solutions.

Last year, we started offering single-serving packets for several of our Restore Formulas. Our customers are on the go, and making it easier to take Restore and Brain Food with you was important to you.

We also knew our customers were asking us to switch from organic stevia leaf extract to organic monk fruit, but we also knew it would mean going back to the drawing board on our flavor profiles. We wanted to get it just right for you, so we took the time to make sure you will love our new flavors.

Nope! We are keeping the price per serving the same as our 30-day containers.

Life moves at a rapid pace, and your supplements should keep up. Our new single-serving packets are pre-measured, making it easier than ever to enjoy the benefits of Dr. Tennant's® Restore and Brain Food wherever you go. Whether you're at home, work, or traveling, simply grab a packet and fuel your brain and body without the hassle of refrigeration, measuring, messy powder spills, zip lock bags, or carrying a large canister.

NOTE: Brain Food Plus will not be available in single-serving packets at this time. We hope to offer this in the future.


We did not change the healing ingredients in our formulas. We changed packaging, sweetener, and improved the flavors. Our Restore and Brain Food are the same great comprehensive formulas. We also understand the importance of delivering maximum potency with each dose and and are confident that our individually packaged servings do just that! By safeguarding the freshness and potency of each serving, we're committed to optimizing your health journey.

Additionally, the smaller packets help extend the product's shelf life, maintaining its exceptional quality for a longer period. No more refrigeration is needed, and no more bulky canisters taking up space. Just easy on-the-go freshness every time.

You have been asking, and we delivered. Organic stevia leaf extract is a great healthy sweetener, but we know many people experience an aftertaste that they just don’t like. It took some ingenuity, but we were able to work with our manufacturer to make the switch to organic monk fruit. We love the new flavor profiles and know you will too!

NOTE: At this time, Restore Professional Strawberry and Brain Food Plus will continue to contain organic stevia leaf extract for sweetener.

Working with monk fruit is different from whole stevia leaf extract, and this required us to work closely with our manufacturer to develop new flavor profiles. We wanted them to be richer and smoother. Our team worked hard to get it right!  We truly hope you love the new flavors as much as we do.

We did it because that's what our customers consistently said they preferred–who knew? We also know that our customers love to buy more than one flavor, and giving you a 14-day supply will allow you to mix and match between our formulas and flavors.

Restore and Brain Food formulas are still the amazing, comprehensive, high-quality formulas you know and love.

Brain Food Plus will still be available in 30-day canisters and will continue to be sweetened with organic whole stevia leaf extract. We are working on offering single-serving packets and are hoping to make the switch soon.

Restore Professional Strawberry will not change. We worked hard on the flavors as we switched to organic monk fruit, but we just could not get the flavor right for strawberry, and we did not want to compromise. So for now, our Professional Strawberry Restore will still have all-natural organic stevia leaf extract as its sweetener. 

We have given you a little sneak peek, but we will continue to share with you our new packaging for Brain Food and all Restore Formulas. Stay tuned as we work hard to get everything ready!

Sorry, these two options will be discontinued when current stock has run out.  We know you will love the room in your fridge and the convenience of our 14-day single-serving packets. 

We are always here to help, so feel free to reach out:

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