Almond Joy Inspired: Chocolate RESTORE Smoothie

Almond Joy Inspired: Chocolate RESTORE Smoothie

Almond Joy Smoothie: A Nutritious Twist on Your Favorite Treat! 🥥

Craving an Almond Joy but want to keep it healthy? We've got you covered! Introducing the Almond Joy Smoothie - a delightful blend that mirrors the classic candy bar, but with a nutritious spin, thanks to Dr. Tennant's® Restore. This smoothie isn't just a treat for your taste buds; it's a powerhouse of health benefits, perfectly aligning with your wellness goals. 🌟

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, a busy professional, or simply someone who loves a delicious yet healthy indulgence, this smoothie is tailored for you. Combining the richness of chocolate, the crunch of almonds, and the tropical touch of coconut, it's a guilt-free pleasure that nourishes your body and delights your senses. 🌴🥜

Ingredients for your Almond Joy Smoothie:

  1. One serving Chocolate Restore of your choice (Professional Whey or Non-Professional Veggie)
  2. 1/4 cup almonds or 2 Tablespoons almond butter
  3. 1/4 cup coconut flakes or freshly grated coconut
  4. oz dairy, oat, or nut milk of your choice
  5. 1/2 to 1 cup crushed ice (optional)
Almond Joy Smoothie

Instructions for your Almond Joy Smoothie:

In a blender add the following and blend until smooth:

  1. Liquid (milk of choice)
  2. Almonds or almond butter
  3. Coconut
  4. Restore
  5. Ice (optional)

Pour into your favorite glass and garnish with crushed almonds or shredded coconut. ENJOY!

It’s your body. It’s your life. Ingredients matter.

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