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"Tennant Products are the best, highest quality I have found in my decades of doing this work."

Cyndi, Pure Health Center, Wilmette, IL

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So glad I found this!

"I cannot say enough positive things about these products. They have changed my life! In my mid 50s I was truly struggling with energy levels, focus and overall feeling good. I did not have anything the doctors could find wrong with me so I was not getting any help. Basically I was told it was just part of getting older. A good friend of mine got me started on Dr Tennant's Cellular Nutrition Program and it was a game changer. I feel like I am in my early 40s, I am back to working out and being able to work full throttle everyday! What a gift to find Dr Tennant's products, they gave me a new lease on life."

Cellular Nutrition Program (with Chocolate Restore)

Very high quality

"I'm really enjoying and grateful for these products. After 20 years of trying to sort it out and get high quality products I feel I finally found what I was needing. The Digestive Enzymes in particular are the most effective I have ever taken. I'm finally regular due to those, so grateful. Also, the Raw Materials are what I really needed that had never been able to find. I'm so glad Dr. Tennant put the work in researching the combo and putting together these products. I have had CFS/ME for 20 yrs. and excited on my new path of balance and recovery."

Raw Materials & Digestive Enzymes

I love it!

"I have been taking Restore Professional Formula (Vanilla) for almost a year and I have so much more energy and since I’m getting so many nutrients and vitamins, I’m not wanting to eat all of the time. I’m actually losing weight, which is nice, but not the reason I’m taking it. I highly recommend it and have even started my 30 year old daughter on it."

Restore Professional Formula


"I love Tennant Products and everything that they represent! So that moment I saw this bottle, I thought to myself, yes, I'll buy it because there must be something special about it. Folks, let me tell you this company never disappoints. Not only is this bottle pretty and a great conversation starter, but it has storage containers that you can work with. Two places for your supplement powders and a pill tray!!! No longer will I have the excuse, oh, I forgot to take my Brain Food or Digestive Enzymes ever again!"

Brain Food & Digestive Enzymes

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