About Us

Tennant Products mission is to provide the best nutritional supplements with the best ingredients in the world.

We believe you can live your healthiest life.

We believe what you put into your body = your health and well-being.

We believe real ingredients create real results.

We believe in the highest quality, US-made nutritional products in the world.

We believe ingredients matter.

While most other nutritional supplement companies care about keeping costs low by using lower quality ingredients, or having a goal of only making a profit, our passion is searching out the best-of-the-best ingredients in the world—so YOU can experience the most optimal health of your life.

In the US, and much of the world, the current medical mindset is that if we eat relatively healthy, then our medical system can jump in and fix things if we have a significant health problem. But our CEO Terri, like others, found that is not always the case. Much of our health challenges come down to not actually knowing what our body needs. The body has amazing capabilities. It’s designed to heal itself. If given the right resources and optimal nutrition, the body will heal and optimize—and serve you well in this life.  

Tennant Products goes to incredible extents to get the highest quality ingredients in the world.

Here are some important Tennant Product facts: 

  • Our products have ZERO toxic fillers, artificial colors, or flavors.

  • Our products are 100% made in the USA.

  • Our Restore products have 80+ unique ingredients (23 of which are certified, specially licensed to Tennant Products).

  • Our ingredients are sourced from the BEST places in the world—almost all of our ingredients are sourced here in the USA, but we also source from Siberia or Japan if that specific meadow or farm has the best ingredients in the world.

  • Our pea protein is the ONLY American made and sourced pea protein that can be tracked from start-to-finish all the way through in the USA.

  • Our products are hypoallergenic.

  • Our products are delicious (says so many of our raving customers).

As we searched for our ingredients, we kept integrity, quality, and effectiveness at the top of our standards.

We never want to work with manufacturers who want to make lots of money and keep costs low. We want the highest quality. Period.

Our products are the highest quality.

There have been times when we found manufacturers which seemed really great and passed the FDA and CGMP standards… but they sourced all products from China and went the cheaper route and would add toxic fillers or synthetics. So we said “No” and found even better, locally sourced products.

Our products are complex.

From start to finish of the entire product there is quality consistency and absolute inability to compromise on integrity. We’ve literally had people turn us away that won’t even try to manufacture our product because we can’t make enough money off of it. At Tennant Products, we take tremendous care with how our products are designed, in how they are paired with one another, and in how they are manufactured. 

Our products work.

We are about changing lives, improving your health, and getting you the best supplements in the world. We make products that actually work in your body.


That’s why we say: 

It’s your body. It’s your life.
Ingredients Matter.