Mark Allen, 6X Ironman Triathlon World Champion

Mark Allen Ironman Finisher

Mark Allen never settles for less than the Best
...and that includes Tennant Products

If you bike, run and/or swim, chances are you've heard of Mark Allen. He helped make Ironman the household name it is today, with thousands of endurance athletes around the globe dedicating huge portions of their lives to extreme training regimes.

Are you an athlete who loves to live on the edge,
experience adventure, and explore the boundaries
of what your body can achieve? 

Read Mark's personal recommendations for athletes of all sports.

Tennant Products

Voted by ESPN as the Greatest Endurance Athlete of All Time

Aspiring to reach your personal peak performance requires extreme discipline, commitment and respect for all aspects of training—including recovery and replenishment.

At the height of his athletic career, Mark enjoyed crossing the finish line first, time and time again, for the hardest and longest endurance races in the world. He was voted "The Greatest Endurance Athlete of All Time" by ESPN and inducted into the Ironman Hall of Fame.

What we think is just as cool is that Mark continues to strive for excellence in everything he does. Through his company Mark Allen Sports, Mark coaches and advises both elite and amateur athletes around the world. Impressively, Mark continues to personally train every day (surpassing anything we mortal humans could do) and he always finds time to strike a balance with recovery, restoration and refueling.

Mark Allen Ironman World Champion

Athletes Need to Replenish, Rebuild, Repair

"Staving off fatigue during training is an absolute key to being able to increase fitness and performance. And when I talk about fatigue, it is both the physical capacity of your body to sustain a solid effort in workouts, as well as your ability to mentally stay on task with both training and work.

When the day is done, the real work begins where your body has to replenish, rebuild and repair all the systems used during the day. The supplement market is flooded with products claiming to target performance, but ignore deep recovery. The products I am using from Tennant Products are working at the very deep cellular level to enhance all of those recovery processes. From training to recovery it’s THE best I have ever experienced."

Mark Allen Elite Athlete

Muscle Recovery and Brain Clarity

"Overall there has been a dramatic physical and mental transformation in my ability to train, work and recover. Restore has enabled me to basically double my workout time, without my muscles fatiguing like they used to. Brain Food helps me to have a quiet focus all afternoon, when normally there is a big dip in my ability to stay on task."

~ Mark Allen, the GOAT of Ironman Champions


Mark Allen

It’s your body. It’s your life. Ingredients matter.

"Before my main workout, I take Restore Professional and Raw Materials, and sometimes Neo40 Professional. Then I take Brain Food in the afternoon."

Mark Allen's Favorite Tennant Products
for Performance and Recovery:

Dr. Tennant’s® Restore is an all-natural, biologically active formula. Restore contains superior quality ingredients in the most bioavailable form to rebuild your body at the cellular level, simplifying the solution for optimal health in just one serving per day.

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Tennant Products Brain Food

Dr. Tennant’s® Brain Food+ (Plus) combines Dr. Tennant’s® Original Brain Food with Diatomaceous Earth and Humic & Fulvic Acids for absorption and optimization. It contains the nutrients your brain needs for cognitive focus, mental acuity and memory function, and helps eliminate brain fog naturally.

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Raw Materials Capsules

Dr. Tennant’s® Raw Materials™ Capsules with humic and fulvic acids, provides the micro and trace nutrients required for optimal health at the cellular level. These nutrients help replace the microorganisms often lost in the food eaten today.

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Nitric Oxide Releasing Lozenges are a clinically researched, patented technology in the form of a quickly dissolvable tablet. It is the first and only system to safely generate an independent source of physiological nitric oxide (NO) for systemic restoration.

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