I Just Wanted My Life Back<p>Terri Tennant's (CEO) Story

I Just Wanted My Life Back

Terri Tennant's (CEO) Story

The simple truth is—people want to feel healthy, vibrant, well-rested, and energized.

Yet, often we don’t feel at optimal health, or if we face a serious illness, we get tired of going from doctor to doctor to doctor...and not getting answers.  

At Tennant Products, we’re a company built on science, passion, integrity, and the fact that everyone—from Dr. Tennant who founded the company to all the current team members—have had severe health issues, yet were able to completely turn their health and lives around with the right information, nutrition, and health supplements.

There’s a reason our CEO, Terri Tennant, is so passionate about health and Tennant Products. 

Terri Tennant had a successful corporate career, did significant charity work, was an active mother of four, and was an avid hiker and cyclist…until her health hit rock bottom. 

While living in China working for a global Fortune 50 company, Terri began to suffer from terrible pain, chronic fatigue, and deep depression.

Terri Tennant, CEO, Tennant Products

She was only 40-years-old and debilitated by severe migraines 2-3 times per week that left her barely able to walk or think.

She couldn’t even remember more than two numbers at a time and it got to a point where she couldn’t manage her health around her work. 

Terri had to quit her job and move back to the United States to be near family and try to fix her deteriorating health.

Terri tried everything. She saw dedicated and caring doctors all over the world; and not one could resolve the issues that were hijacking her life. She took all types of medication, did yoga, took breathing classes in 900-year-old Daoist temples, changed from Vegetarian to Vegan to Keto and back, quit drinking alcohol, saw therapists and coaches, took mindfulness courses, meditated, and saw acupuncturists and chiropractors. She read ferociously, asked questions, and researched. 

But, nothing helped.

The pain, fatigue, and depression stayed and took over her body. Many doctors told her it was “just her getting older” and she’d have to “live with it” since it would “all be downhill from here.”

Terri was lucky to have married into the Tennant family. She’d known of Dr. Tennant’s work for years, but never really dug into it herself. So, she decided to get in touch with her father-in-law. 

The year prior to her issues, she learned from her regular doctor that she had hypothyroidism . (1 in 5 women in the US will have a thyroid issue during her lifetime according to NCBI.) She took medication as doctors instructed, but nothing changed or helped. 

It was finally at the Tennant Institute where Terri learned that she also had antibodies that were not only attacking the thyroid, but also other parts of her body, including areas that contribute to fatigue, pain, depression, memory and thinking. She also learned that she had extremely high toxin levels, and that her body didn’t “methylate” well. She learned she had a variation in her DNA with the MTHFR SNP gene (of which, about half the population in the US has a form).

All the previous doctors, experts, and medical practitioners did not catch these vital elements. Her body was overwhelmed and lacking serious resources to heal itself. 

With the help of Dr. Tennant and the Tennant Institute, Terri worked through detoxing her systems, increasing her voltage (a concept for which Dr. Tennant is famous), and gave her body the raw materials (nutrition and supplements) that it needed to heal, restore, and ultimately thrive.

Now, Terri no longer has severe migraines and she has energy for exercise, hobbies, family and friends.

She even takes only a fraction of her thyroid medication.

"I got 'myself' back and now I can run a successful company and be an active, healthy mother again."

Terri Tennant, CEO, Tennant Products

Terri’s journey was extremely challenging and emotional. And the solution was so simple. She lost her career, years of her life, time with her kids, and experiences with her loved ones just suffering and struggling to survive.

It was a living nightmare that never had to be.

With Terri’s new lease on life, when Dr. Tennant asked her to help run the business a few years back, she jumped in with both feet. Now, Terri is the CEO and owner of the company that creates and distributes the nutritional supplements and health support that saved her life.

As CEO of Tennant Products, Terri lives with a renewed purpose to educate and empower people—so they can take back their own lives and live with optimal health.

CEO, Terri Tennant

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