From Neuropathy and Paralysis<br>to How I Got My Life Back

From Neuropathy and Paralysis
to How I Got My Life Back

This is a true story with a fairytale ending, but it started as a nightmare.

So often, we are challenged to become our own greatest health and wellness advocates. For those of us who work at Tennant Products, our passion for our products is more than an idea—we've experienced our own transformations and are here to share our stories with you firsthand.

For Scott Jessen, a former business consultant for veterinary surgical centers and currently our very own Director for Product Development, it started one horrible day when he woke up unable to move his legs. 

Before that day, Scott had been an avid road cyclist, runner, and healthy father to his children. 

Scott Jessen
Scott Jessen

"It was one of the scariest days of my life. Everything below my waist was completely numb. I couldn't walk, and all I kept thinking about was how I was going to tell my wife and children, who depended on me."

Scott was rushed to the ER and spent several days at the hospital where he was looked at by several neurologists. The uncertainty was so unnerving. After a full review, they had no idea what his issue was. They said it was probably MS (Multiple Sclerosis) or Lyme disease. Scott experienced severe pain and the numbing leg sensation had him truly scared for his future.

He was sent home with pain meds, a wheelchair, and an unclear diagnosis.

After seeing more doctors who did further tests, processes, and reviews, they found out he had a history of severe head injuries earlier in his life and his gut biome was thrown off. There were also severe toxins found in his home. This caused a buildup of toxins in his system and led to him being incredibly sick, which manifested in the strange illness.

Scott Jessen

On his initial visit to the ER, none of the doctors found any of this out. Scott went from running two businesses and being extremely healthy to experiencing brain fog, serious leg problems, and severe pain. 

With a diagnosis and some direction, Scott was willing to do whatever he had to in order to walk and feel healthy again. Doctors put him on $720/month worth of supplements to get him back on his feet (literally).

He started to feel a bit better as he took the supplements, but the cost was astronomical. While he was making progress, the cost of recovery was not sustainable.  

Here's where Scott's sister, Terri Tennant (yep, as in, Tennant Products) came to save the day. Terri was working for this "nutritional supplements company" which helped heal her own intense health issues, as well as so many others.

When Scott looked into Tennant Products, he saw that almost all of the ingredients in the supplements he was taking were in Tennant Products. But, they were sourced at a much higher quality and were actually only a fraction of the cost.  

After all the research and trying so many other supplements, Scott bought some recommended Tennant Products and tried them out.   

Naturally, Scott was a bit skeptical and curious. Side-by-side label comparisons were shockingly impressive. He waited.... 

.... Things started to happen that felt too miraculous to be possible.

Three weeks after taking Restore, Scott called Terri and told her that all of a sudden his energy had started to return. His strength was coming back. His body was feeling better. The ingredients in the various supplements started to heal his body and bring him back to balance and cellular restoration. He took physical therapy alongside the supplements and it created a combination that got his health back.

Scott went from the frightening experience of being unable to walk—to finally walking again, then running again, then cycling again, and then his cycling friends noticed he was getting even stronger and faster than ever before. 

Instead of just learning how to walk again, Scott was optimizing his health. He was improving and strengthening and reinforcing his body, both inside and out.

He began to learn so much about health overall. With a new passion, he received a Functional Medicine Health Coach certification with the FMCA (Functional Medicine Coaching Academy) supported through the Institute of Functional Medicine.

In only 4 months of taking Tennant Products, along with a focus on diet, rest, appropriate exercise, and other modifiable lifestyle factors for positive health… Scott began to truly thrive in his body.

Since then, Scott's mind has also come back with a mental clarity unlike any point of his life. Scott has taken courses in molecular biology and chemistry, along with more functional and integrative health training as he continues to develop his lifelong passion for helping others return to and experience their optimal health. Now, he fuses his experience with business consulting, product management, integrative health, and an ongoing mastery of cellular biology as our Director of Product Development.

Oh, and most important of all... Scott actively plays with his children every single day, never taking a single moment for granted. 

Scott Jessen

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