The Doctors Kept Telling Me It Was Just My Age…But They Were Wrong!

The Doctors Kept Telling Me It Was Just My Age…But They Were Wrong!

When we are in good health, we can’t imagine feeling any different. But once you have lost your health, you realize the gift you had.

All of us here at Tennant Products have stories about the loss of our health and the overwhelming gratitude of regaining it.

"For me, this hit me at about 53 years old." — Janice Whiting

Up until then, I had been a hard-driving, business-building entrepreneur for over 30 years. I always had tons of energy and mental focus to get the things done that I wanted to do.

Janice Whiting

But after closing my global company and being in the middle of menopause, I felt this overwhelming tiredness that I had never felt before in my life.

Even doing the simplest tasks felt like I was being asked to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

I felt...exhausted to the core.

At age 53, I knew I had so much more to give. However, the exhaustion and lack of mental focus made me feel washed up, put out to pasture, kaput!

I sought help from my primary doctor who promptly told me it was just my age, the fact that I was in menopause, and that I should exercise more. I left feeling resigned and discouraged.

Thinking that maybe this exhaustion was all in my head, I even sought help through a psychiatrist.

Both my primary doctor and psychiatrist had compassion and were using all the tools they had to try to help me...but nothing helped!

I was so scared this was how I was going to spend the rest of my LIFE!

I had overcome so many huge challenges in my life, but this was one that I just could not seem to beat on my own. I felt myself spiraling down into complacency around my current health and energy levels.

Is this what it feels like to get old?

That's when I received a phone call that changed my life forever, from my dear friend and CEO of Tennant Products, Terri Tennant.

Terri knew my business background and she reached out for a professional call. Tennant Products was growing and exciting things were happening. "Would I be interested in being a part of that?", she asked.

I remember sharing with Terri how exhausted I was and that I was not sure how much I could really contribute.

She was quietly listening and then gently recommended I try a few products, especially if I was going to join the team. It was a reasonable enough request. I thought of it as "research."

With a good dose of skepticism and knowing that taking vitamins usually make me feel ill, I agreed to try Tennant Products for one month.

If it didn't work, I would stop.

I started taking the Cellular Nutrition Program and within the first week, I started feeling a shift, just a little move on the scale of energy.

I kept asking myself, “Am I really feeling more energy, or is it a placebo effect?”

I kept my promise and diligently stayed on the program. The little hope I felt grew stronger and stronger. Could this actually be helping me?

It took about a month to really hit me how good I was feeling. Not only were my energy levels increasing, but I could not believe how the mental fog I had been experiencing was lifting.

The truth is, it wasn't until I ran out of products for a few weeks that I realized just how much this was making a difference! I felt genuine hope for the first time.

It has now been over three years since I joined the Tennant family as the Business Development Director and I am more passionate than ever about how the quality of Tennant Products can help reclaim one’s health.

I feel so blessed that there are products like these available to give me my life back.

I really do feel like I am 40 again and my mental focus is like it was 20 years ago!

Janice's Tennant Products Story

I am back to working out, I am able to work 40+ hours a week, go snow skiing and hiking with my sweetheart, and I feel amazing. I'm so grateful I have friends who cared enough and believed in me to never give up advocating for my health and well being.

Working for Tennant Products is more than a job for me; it is a passion.

I love to share my story and to hear all of the life-changing results our products have made in people’s lives. I have shared stories with so many of you, our dear customers, and it's what makes me feel excited and energized each and every day.

As I like to say, “I am back, baby! Let’s ROCK this!”

Have a story to share? Please add your story to the comments below. We'd love to hear from you!



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