Monk Fruit vs. Organic Stevia Leaf:<p> Making the Sweeter Choice

Monk Fruit vs. Organic Stevia Leaf:

Making the Sweeter Choice

Hey, flavor enthusiasts! We've got some juicy news that's bound to tickle your tastebuds. Here at Tennant Products, we're always looking for ways to sprinkle a few more healthy choices into your life. And guess what? We found the perfect ingredient to add that extra oomph!

Drum roll, please... 🥁
Introducing: Organic Monk Fruit, our brand-new sweetener for Brain Food* and Restore!

🍈 From Farm to Formula

Monk fruit is like nature’s hidden candy. It's derived straight from the fruit itself. (Talk about keeping things real!) It’s as pure and authentic as your grandma’s apple pie recipe. While we had a good run with healthy organic stevia leaf extract, sometimes an ingredient update is just what the chef ordered. No more aftertaste—just pure, unadulterated sweetness!

🍩 Monk Fruit has Zero Calories, All Fun

Imagine indulging in your favorite dessert without counting calories. That’s the dream, right? Monk fruit brings all the sweetness with none of the guilt. Zero-calorie indulgence? Yes, please! 

Check out our yummy Restore and Brain Food Smoothies to raise the YUM bar!

🩺 Sweet Without the Spike

Managing blood sugar is no piece of cake. But with monk fruit, you’re not just getting a sweet treat, you're also getting a promiseno spikes in blood sugar. It's a win-win for everyone, especially for our friends keeping an eye on their glucose levels.

🍫 A Flavorful Facelift

Taste test alert! Our Brain Food and Restore formulas have never tasted better. With monk fruit's naturally sweet charm and a revamp of our Restore chocolate & vanilla, and Brain Food flavors, it takes these from "yum" to "can't get enough"! Dive into the NEW FLAVOR profiles. We bet you can't just try them once.

Here is just one happy customer...

"The Whey Chocolate Restore has knocked it out of the park!
It literally tastes like a brownie." ~Happy Customer

🌱 The Healing Heartbeat Remains

At the core, our Restore and Brain Food products are all about holistic healing. With this sweet switch and flavor update, we're just adding a cherry on top without losing the healing ingredients you love and trust. It’s like your favorite song with a brand-new beat!

Dr. Tennant's commitment to providing you with the very best nutritional products is the compass guiding our journey.  We're very sure you're going to fall head-over-heels with this change.

Cheers to you for being our co-travelers on this sweet journey! Let's shake, blend, sip, savor, and celebrate you living your healthiest life! 🥂🍓🎊

*Brain Food Plus is still sweetened with Organic Whole Leaf Stevia.

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