The Road to IRONMAN®

The Road to IRONMAN®

We are on our way to join Mark Allen, 6X World Champion, ESPN's World's Greatest Endurance Athlete of All Time, & Tennant Products customer at the 2022 IRONMAN® World Championships! 

This year the IRONMAN® World Championships will be held in St. George, Utah, instead of Kona, Hawaii. Tennant Products staff are fortunate to attend with Mark. No, he's not competing any longer. He's a coach, foundational to IRONMAN® legacy, and still playing a big role with IRONMAN®Mark is a customer and big fan of Dr. Tennant's products. This is a huge compliment for us; because, as you can imagine, Mark has seen it all and is very scrutinizing about the supplements he takes and what he recommends to athletes.

We are excited to attend and watch these incredible athletes compete. During the event, we will find out how these amazing men and women maintain their peak performance and also how they recover. Watch for our next newsletter, where we will share all that we learned at IRONMAN® and how to use Dr. Tennant's nutraceuticals for recovery.

In the meantime, Mark's story about becoming an IRONMAN® Champion and the battle between Mark Allen and Dave Scott is what legends are made of...

On October 14, 1989 at the IRONMAN® Triathlon World Championship the universe of sport was changed forever when Dave Scott and Mark Allen ran “The Greatest Race Ever Run” pushing each other to the breaking point, and then pushing harder for more than eight hours, never separated by more than a few feet. Both athletes raced wondering how much longer they could go on at that level of suffering.

In the winter of 1989, Dave Scott and Mark Allen chose very different landscapes to lay the groundwork each needed to be ready for another epic clash at the IRONMAN® World Championship that would take place later that year. Scott stuck to his proven winter training grounds in Davis, CA. Allen took a leap of faith and set the wheels in motion for his season in New Zealand. Dave would race some Olympic distance events. Mark would do a handful of running races.

 Time would tell if each had made the right decision!

Read the untold stories about the incredible moments of personal challenge and the decisions made that led to the 1989 side-by-side eight-hour battle between Dave Scott and Mark Allen. Even though many have seen accounts of the race itself, neither Dave nor Mark have told this story in tandem. But, more importantly, no one has ever heard the details of each of their personal journeys during the year that made this an even more amazing accomplishment and why this is “The Greatest Race Ever Run.”

We know you will enjoy the story of Mark Allen and Dave Scott's epic battle that played out at the 1989 Ironman.