Book: Healing Is Voltage Book - Acupuncture Muscle Batteries

Book: Healing Is Voltage Book - Acupuncture Muscle Batteries

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Healing is Voltage: Acupuncture Muscle Batteries:  Every cell and every organ requires voltage to work and to replace itself. Muscles are like rechargeable batteries that are stacked like batteries in a flashlight to create a power pack for each organ. These stacks of muscle batteries are what are known as acupuncture meridians. When voltage drops, organs can't function normally or make new cells to maintain them. Chronic disease occurs when the body loses the ability to make new cells. Determining why the battery pack (acupuncture meridian) cannot hold a charge is key to curing chronic disease. This atlas is key to understanding the causes of chronic disease. 

Acupuncture Muscle Batteries  is part of the Healing is Voltage series.

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Cindy B.
United States United States
I recommend this product
We Love Dr Tennant

Dr Tennant was so good at teaching us at using nutrition to boost voltage, that we soon realized that this was the basic first visit for our clients. Once they had a good voltage, it gave us better over all results with the homeopathics we use. Dr Tennant teaches so clearly and so full of tips to spot trouble, that our whole clinic was helped immensely. We love Dr Tennant. - Cindy Black and all the staff at Life Clinic

Michael D.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Twas a gift for a friend

I own a copy, and am buying it for others as gifts.

United States United States
So Informative

I learned so much about how the body works and what our body needs to heal and make new cells. Very informative and I highly recommend.

Patrick H.
United States United States
Eye opening information.

The book reiterates what Dr. Bryan presented at the August 2020 Integrative Health Conference. It presents valuable information to help you overcome health challenges, and live a more full life. It is an excellent companion to Dr. Tennant's "Healing is Voltage," both of which contain information that no one should ignore.

J. W.
United States United States
Love this book

I found this book to be very eye opening and informative. I enjoyed how clear Dr Tennant was and how informative. Thank you Dr Tennant for sharing your knowledge.