Percepta® Professional Strength


With exclusive PTI-00703® Cat's Claw

Targeting the real reason we lose memory as we age.





Percepta® is an award winning* and breakthrough plant-based natural dietary supplement consisting of just three ingredients:

  • Patented PTI-00703® Cat’s Claw – from the Amazon rain forest
  • MemorTea® – a specific oolong tea extract
  • Black currant fruit powder Ribes nigrum (25% proanthocyanidins) 

Percepta® and its individual ingredients have been rigorously and scientifically tested for specific targeting of brain plaques and tangles. It is backed by over 50 issued patents and over 15 years of scientific research.  

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Percepta Professional™ is the professional strength formula of Percepta® and supports a healthy brain against memory loss. Two neuroscientists, Dr. Rudy Tanzi, Harvard University, and Dr. Alan Snow, University of Washington, discovered that memory loss is primarily caused by plaques and tangles in the brain. Percepta® is believed to be the world’s first nootropic to potentially prevent and reduce plaques and tangles in the normal aging brain.

The real reason we lose memory as we age is due to the accumulation of brain plaques and tangles. In other words...

...targeting the plaques and tangles is effectively
targeting memory loss. 

The mechanism of action involves powerful polyphenols and active proanthocyanidins that enter the brain within minutes of being in the blood. Percepta Professional™ ingredients are believed to interact with brain plaques and tangles directly—causing their reduction and clearance.

This is one of the most scientifically studied supplements we have encountered. Over 22,000 hours of documented scientific research was conducted to assess the validity of PTI-00703® Cat’s Claw and its ingredients, for potential inhibition/reduction of brain plaques and/or tangles. This has resulted in multiple peer-reviewed publications and/or scientific presentations at US and international meetings. Additionally, in an article from Nature, Percepta was compared to 19 other best-selling brain memory supplements and was the very clear winner.

Tennant Products offers the very hard-to-find Professional version of Percepta, with therapeutic doses of three well-tested ingredients.

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Percepta Professional™ has three special and patented ingredients: a special version of Cat's claw; MemorTea®, a specific oolong tea extract; and black currant.

Cat's Claw

The inventors' research teams identified an ancient plant extract known as Uncaria tomentosa (cat’s claw) that was used for centuries by the Peruvian tribes for immune support and enhancement. The cat’s claw ingredient was discovered to be a potent inhibitor and disrupter of brain plaques. The research teams then spent years screening different sources of cat’s claw to identify a source, known as PTI-00703® Cat’s Claw that has the most robust plaque and tangle inhibitory activity ever identified. PTI-00703® Cat’s Claw is backed by over 50 issued patents and many years of scientific research. 


The research team tested a variety of different teas and their polyphenol content to target brain plaques and tangles. This included the testing of the following teas:

  • Green tea (unfermented or unoxidized)
  • Oolong tea (partially fermented or partially oxidized)
  • Black tea (fully fermented or fully oxidized)

They discovered that a specific oolong tea (referred to as MemorTea®) contained the most robust plaque and tangle reducing activity. By this time, they had tested the activity of oolong tea extract from at least 10 different sources. The proprietary source of MemorTea® (from the Guan Yin mountains) was found to produce the most robust plaque and tangle reducing activity than from anywhere else.

Black Currant

Finally, the black currant (25% proanthocyanidins) in Percepta Professional is the third ingredient tested in the labs shown to help reduce brain plaques and tangles. Proanthocyanidins are also important components of PTI-00703 Cat’s Claw. Different black currants were directly tested, and the one in Percepta Professional was found to have the best activity. Black currant in Percepta Professional contains 25% proanthocyanidins and is a great antioxidant as well.

Resources & Awards


Winner of the:

2024 Mindful Award for Cognitive Product of the Year, and
LuxLife Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards (Brain Health Supplements -USA)


Nature -Scientific Reports 2019

Nature -Scientific Reports 2021


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34 (12 issued); Composition of Matter patents for Percepta issued in 2019 & 2022

Featured Product in This Article:

Percepta Professional™ is a breakthrough plant-based nootropic consisting of three special ingredients, two of which are patented ingredients: Cat's Claw PTI-00703®; MemorTea,® a specific oolong tea extract; and black currant. Percepta Professional™ and its individual ingredients have been rigorously and scientifically tested for specific targeting of brain plaques and tangles. It is backed by over 50 issued patents and over 15 years of scientific research.

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