How to Combat Brain Fog & Think Better in 15 Minutes

How to Combat Brain Fog & Think Better in 15 Minutes

What is Brain Fog? The term "Brain Fog" has been around for a while. It describes the feeling of mental cloudiness or lack of mental clarity that people commonly experience. Usually, brain fog is not a permanent condition.

Confusion, forgetfulness, and rapid mood changes
are all symptoms of brain fog

Our brains need a lot of energy. Even though it’s only about 2% of your body, your brain needs 20% or more of the energy you consume.

The following is a short, humorous video that Mark Allen, 6X Ironman World Champion made, that highlights the symptoms of brain fog we all know far too well.



The brain uses different nutrition than the rest of the body to function optimally. Ketones are used as the first energy source and then the liver converts MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) into ketones for the brain to use as fuel. Ketone bodies can feed the brain and can act as primary fuel for cognitive activities.

What are MCTs?

MCTs are medium chain triglycerides, such as those found in coconut oil, which your liver can convert directly into ketones. MCTs, which are a type of fatty acid, have benefits beyond regular fats and long-chain triglycerides, in that they have a lower calorie content than other fats, are more rapidly absorbed by the body, and more quickly metabolized as fuel for organs.

What is the most common reason we experience Brain Fog?

The brain needs its own fuel (ketones and MCTs) to function optimally. Many times we experience brain fog when we do not have enough glucose-based fuel or when there is impaired glucose utilization in the brain.

When the body has no more glucose for the brain, the liver produces ketones. It does this with whatever fuel it has available. In situations where there is not enough food, such as during starvation, the liver uses the body’s fat and then protein (our muscles). This is what is known as a state of ketosis.

So, if ketones are the body’s backup plan for lack of glucose, it makes sense to look at how to provide ketones to feed the brain.

Key Ingredients 

What is BHB? Stands for Beta-HydroxyButyrate

Your brain utilizes BHB even more efficiently than glucose. Ketone bodies like BHB can cross the blood-brain barrier for utilization as well as cell membranes and the inner mitochondrial membrane. The primary role of mitochondria is to process the intake of food and oxygen and make energy for your cells. That’s energy for you!

Can Calcium Help Brain Fog? Yes.

Calcium is present and helps as a messenger for neurotransmitter synthesis and release and is also involved in long-term processes in the body (memory). BHB as a calcium salt provides 50% of the daily value (DV) of calcium.

Humic & Fulvic Acids Work Together with Diatomaceous Earth

Humic and Fulvic Acids play a critical role in transporting vitamins and minerals to every cell in the body at the molecular level. The addition of Diatomaceous Earth and Humic and Fulvic Acids (found in Brain Food Plus) not only improves the initial transport of vital vitamins, minerals, ketones and fatty acids throughout the body more efficiently, but also works together to optimize brain function at the molecular level.

Magnesium for Signaling

Magnesium also plays an important role in relaying signals between the brain and the body. Magnesium helps develop nerve cells in the brain and aids in brain development, memory and learning.

Liver Support Combo

We know the liver needs to function appropriately to support optimal fuel for the brain, so liver support is included (lecithin, phospholipids and fatty acids).

Regardless of body type or gender, a fatty liver can affect anyone.

In fact, studies have shown that “skinny” people are more likely to have a fatty liver than those who are overweight. What causes this?

Fatty foods, alcohol and yes, high-fructose corn syrup. One study even showed that someone consuming high-fructose corn syrup increases the likelihood of a fatty liver by 20x!

The question do we resolve this? Detoxify the liver and clear up a fatty liver.

Phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylinositol certainly help with both of these. Lecithin is also a tremendous emulsifier and works incredibly well breaking down fat in the liver and removing it from the body in the appropriate pathways.

If you look on our ingredients, this one little line "Sunflower Lecithin Fatty Acids and Phospholipids" on the Supplement Facts packs a big punch! It not only helps with detoxification, but is also designed to improve the health of a fatty liver.

Digestive health (appropriate flora in the microbiome) is also crucial to round out support of the good bacteria already present in the gut.

How We Combat Brain Fog

Supporting bioavailable fuel to start, combined with cofactors that help sustain and improve cognition, providing additional liver and digestive support combat brain fog!

Brain Food and Brain Food+ Combat Brain Fog in 15 Minutes

Brain Food and Brain Food+ contain NO stimulants (no caffeine), magnesium stearate, GMOs, soy, gluten, corn, sucrose (sugar), casein, starch, yeast, wheat, artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

Monk fruit extract provides a natural flavor and sweetening that tastes great and can replace sugar or sucrose. 

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