Lessons from IRONMAN® World Championships

Lessons from IRONMAN® World Championships

IRONMAN® World Championship

St. George, Utah

We are constantly wearing ourselves out, and need to heal and restore our bodies; and no one knows this better than an IRONMAN® triathlete. 

Imagine starting at sunrise with a 2.4-mile swim in 58-degree water, then cycling for 112 miles up and over mountains, and follow that with a full marathon (26.2 miles) in 90+ degree heat, all in the same day!!! This is the ultimate challenge of the IRONMAN®.

The greatest human race on the planet is usually held in Kona, Hawaii. But due to the pandemic, the 2021 championship was postponed to May 7th, 2022 and moved to St. George, Utah. It was an international event with 3500 men and women from 80 different nations, countries, and territories all with the spirit of Kumukahi, which means new beginnings in Hawaiian. Each man and woman was pushing their body to the ultimate edge of physical and mental performance…and Tennant Products staff got to be there!   We were special guests of Ironman legend, Mark Allen, who is a customer and big fan of Dr. Tennant’s products.

This is what we learned…

First, it’s truly amazing what the human body can do! These incredible athletes, from amateur to professional, come from all over the world, in all ages, shapes and sizes to test their capabilities. It’s so inspirational to see that the human body can do way more than we think possible.

Second, we learned that supplements, “goo’s” and other performance-oriented aids taken by the athletes—while not always terrible—still contain ingredients that we know could be improved upon. Sure, the professionals manage their fuel more carefully and thoughtfully; but the mainstream products are still lacking clean, bioavailable ingredients for their bodies.

When you are wanting to perform at a peak level, why burden the body with ingredients that are difficult to process or create a toxic load?

Third, we saw in real-time how what you put in your body before you tax yourself, makes a huge impact on how resilient your body is when it’s time to perform. What you give your body to work with makes or breaks the body's ability for repair and restoration. These IRONMAN® athletes pay attention to what they eat and drink, how they train, and how they sleep.

They know that performance isn’t a quick hack. You must give your body what it needs for it to perform for you.

Finally, we learned the healing that these athletes need during training and after a race is not unlike healing that’s needed for a serious illness or health challenge. They need to detox and rebuild.

The pros know that healing happens at the cellular level and that performance is built on a holistic system, physically and mentally.

When Dr. Tennant created his supplements and nutraceuticals, he had his patients in mind and was not really thinking about the world’s greatest athletes.

It turns out that amazing athletes not only focus on their performance aspirations, but they are increasingly paying attention to how they recover and how quickly they recover. Products that help detox and build new healthy cells are critical for athletic performance.

The IRONMAN® World Championship was a bucket list for us to attend; and watching it, one learned a lot about how people approach their lives. We set our goals, focus, and prioritize. We make choices each and every day based on our goals.

At the end of the day, success is a function of focus and prioritization.

For IRONMAN®, each athlete decides how much they will train each week, how hard they will push themselves, and what success means to them. For some, it was coming in first or at least on the podium. For others, it was achieving a personal best, and for many it is to just cross the finish line.

IRONMAN® or not, we need our bodies to perform for us every day. How are you ensuring that you are giving your body what it needs every day to perform when you need it most?

Here are some images from the
IRONMAN® World Championship for 2021



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