My Restore Adventure On the Road

My Restore Adventure On the Road

On November 7th, I left Hood River, Oregon in my car and headed for Sparks, Maryland. I hoped to make it by Thanksgiving but wasn't sure I'd make it.

To my surprise, my GPS took me immediately over Mt. Hood and into a snow storm. A wrong turn at the top of the pass, and I found myself driving on a 5-mph fire road in a campground wondering if my all-wheel drive car would make it.

"Hmmmm... this is gonna be an adventure," I said.

Too embarrassed to call for help (I had just left home not 20 minutes earlier), I inched my way back on course and headed for Big Sur, California and sunnier weather.

That was Day One.

Greta's Restore Story

While I'd love to unravel my journal entries for you that brought me across the country, that's not the story I want to share with you today. 

You see, this wasn't an easy journey to make. It was, and is, a time of transition, and includes some deep grieving and loss.

If you've experienced such a time, you'll know what a struggle taking care of oneself can be during these times.

The simplest of things like sleeping, eating, walking, making the bed or washing the dishes...these become conscious efforts to just get through each day.

Tennant Products Restore to the rescue (cue epic theatrical soundtrack)! 

Everyone experiences stress differently. For me, I lose my appetite. I forget to drink, eat, go to the bathroom. The thought of making a meal, let alone eating it, is too hard. 

But, one scoop of Restore in a shaker bottle? That somehow felt doable. More than doable, it felt....healing.

Sometimes I couldn't even handle adding almond milk and just used water. I would shake it up and drink it down in a few gulps, and I would know with all my heart that, if nothing else, today I was getting the highest quality and best nutrition I needed. 

I would even whisper a small mantra with my Restore ritual. I know the power of intention and taking full accountability for one's health and wellness. Even in my state of grief, I knew I could take small steps toward my own rebuilding.

I would look at the word "Restore" on the canister and think to myself, "You are taking care of yourself. You're going to be okay. Restore!" 

And, so it has come to pass that I did make it safely to Maryland for Thanksgiving, surrounded by loving family and just in time for the crisp winter splendor of the East Coast. 

Now, of course, all of this would have been SO much easier had I waited for the Restore single-serve packets!

Greta's Adventure Restore Story

What a difference individual packets would have made! If you're reading this and planning your own adventure, you are in luck! 

My glorious full-sized Restore canister lived in my Playmate cooler, in the front seat! Every night, no matter where I lay my head, I would make sure to keep my Restore refrigerated, cooler ice packs replenished and my Restore protected. 

That canister of Restore and I had quite the adventure...don't you think? 

Restore by Tennant Products

Gone are the days when you will ever have to lug a big ol' canister of Restore, like I did! Ha! It almost makes me want to drive across the country again, just for the luxury of convenience! 

To anyone navigating the windy roads of life, I hope this brings you some comfort knowing Restore is there for you too. Sometimes the smallest of things make the biggest difference.

  — Greta Rose, Greta Rose Agency




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