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Gut Bootcamp Bundle
Gut Bootcamp Bundle
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Gut Bootcamp Bundle

3 reviews

Dr. Tennant’s® Gut Bootcamp helps reset the balance of the microbiome and mycobiome within the gut, in addition to helping the body cleanse and detox while improving intestinal wall integrity, reducing inflammation and supporting immune system modulation and regularity.

Dr. Tennant’s® Gut Bootcamp includes the following:

  • Tennant’s® Microbiome Support
  • Tennant’s® Fungal Detox
  • Tennant’s ® Probiotic Formula

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Dr. Tennant’s Gut Bootcamp Bundle is designed to help cleanse, heal and naturally detoxify, then support your microbiome and mycobiome with a three-step approach.
Dr. Tennant’s® Microbiome Support
Designed to help provide the tools necessary to support a healthy GI Tract and Microbiome for cleansing, healing and naturally detoxifying the GI tract.
Dr. Tennant’s® Fungal Detox
A full spectrum, professional grade formula that supports optimal gut health and detox at the cellular level. Along with bacteria, fungus and yeast play an integral role in the body’s digestion system and also play a critical role in detoxification. The body needs a balance of fungus and yeast in appropriate levels to keep the body in optimal health.
Dr. Tennant’s® Probiotic Formula
A symbiotic formula that combines Probiotics and Prebiotics, because they work so much better when they are together – a form of synergy – the term symbiotic is used to describe this biological synergy that can help support a healthier GI system in a delayed-release capsule to ensure pre and probiotics are delivered efficiently.

Dr. Tennant’s® Gut Bootcamp is the comprehensive solution for digestive health. Clean, Heal and Reset your gastrointestinal tract with Dr. Tennant’s® Microbiome Support. Support normal fungus and yeast balance (mycobiome) with Dr. Tennant’s® Fungal Detox by continuing to cleanse and detox naturally and gently. Restore your Microbiome with Dr. Tennant’s® Probiotic Formula (prebiotics and probiotics).

Fungal Detox – Support Mycobiome.

Fungus is an important part of our lives. Fungi are part of the microbiome and play a critical role. Fungi plays a critical role in nature breaking down organic matter and does a similar role in our digestive systems. Despite only making up a small portion of the gastrointestinal tract, fungus plays a critical role

  • Helps the body manage Candida
  • Supports normal fungus and yeast balance
  • Supports gut health and flora balance
  • Helps cleans and detox naturally and gently

Microbiome Support - Clean, Heal, Reset

Dr. Tennant’s® Microbiome Support was designed specifically to support a healthy gastrointestinal tract and microbiome. Glutathione, Glutamine, Colostrum, Prebiotics, potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients create this comprehensive solution to heal, clean, detoxify and calm the gastrointestinal tract.

Probiotic Formula – Support the microbiome with Prebiotics and Probiotics supported with a time-release capsule.

Highly effective, clinically proven Prebiotics to ensure Probiotic viability Key Probiotic strains well-known to support optimum health safely Specialized delivery technology – DR Caps® (time released to get into small intestine)

  • Probiotics must be living to be considered effective.
  • Need to survive stomach acid
  • Must contain Prebiotics (food for probiotics) to thrive.

Dr. Tennant’s® Probiotic Formula uses time-release Capsugel™ DRCaps® to keep the prebiotic and probiotic strains free from early exposure to oxygen, moisture or stomach acid. This allows each capsule’s delivery system to target the gastrointestinal tract and deliver the highest quality ingredients directly without compromise.

Dr. Tennant’s® Microbiome Support – Add 1 scoop to 4 oz of liquid and shake (best) or stir well

  • Drink quickly as this product when mixed thickens normally
  • IMPORTANT: Immediately follow with 8 ounces of water. Maintain proper hydration while taking this product
  • Reduce serving size and increase water intake if constipation occurs
  • Take in later afternoon or evening (best) between meals
  • Additional servings may be taken if necessary, as directed by your healthcare practitioner

Dr. Tennant’s® Fungal Detox – 2 capsules once daily, unless advised specifically by your healthcare practitioner

Dr. Tennant’s® Probiotic Formula - 1 capsule per day with or without food. 2 capsules per day may be taken after antibiotic treatment.

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Phyllis P.
United States United States
I recommend this product
good products

Tried Fungal Detox and like the results for my son. So decided to try this bundle.

Sule B.
United States United States
Gut Bootcamp Bundle

I am glad that these products are sold as a bundle because they complement each other. I am 12 days into the microbiome support regimen and I already fell more regular. Also Microbiome Support makes me more disciplined about snacking as you need to take in on an empty stomach and wait a couple of hours before eating anything. it all starts with gut health and I am glad I am on the mend

Lisa B.
United States United States
Don't Feel Like A Puffer Fish Anymore!

Before I took the Gut Bootcamp I always felt like a puffer fish. I was bloated and puffed up. The Doctors could never figure out to help me. After taking the Gut Bootcamp I did not feel that way again! Before, I felt poisoned and puffed up and now I feel great! Thank you Tennant Products.

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