Fungal Detox
Fungal Detox
Fungal Detox
Fungal Detox
Fungal Detox
Fungal Detox
Fungal Detox
Fungal Detox

Fungal Detox

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Dr. Tennant’s® Fungal Detox helps the body balance the mycobiome, by cleansing and detoxing naturally and gently. It also:

  • Helps the body manage Candida
  • Supports normal fungus and yeast balance in the GI tract
  • Supports gut health for proper digestion
  • Promotes regulating mood, hormone levels and cravings
  • Helps cleanse and detox naturally and gently

The body needs a balance of fungus and yeast in appropriate levels to keep the body in optimal health. Along with bacteria, fungus and yeast play an integral role in the body’s digestive system and also play a critical role in detoxification. 

Dr. Tennant’s® Fungal Detox helps balance and regulate the normal levels of fungus and yeast that support gastrointestinal health and proper digestion. Because of this unique regulation, it helps the body manage Candida outbreaks and helps the body cleanse and detox naturally and gently.

Most people know about the Microbiome (bacteria). Fewer people know about the Mycobiome (Fungal). Fungus plays a significant role regulating mood, hormone levels, cravings and yeast regulation in the body. Fungus, in the right form and balance, is an important component of optimal health. Support your mycobiome with Dr. Tennant’s® Fungal Detox today! 

60 vegetarian capsules

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Disclaimer: The information provided on these product pages is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always work with your healthcare provider before starting any supplement program.

Suggested Use 

2 capsules once daily, unless advised specifically by your healthcare practitioner


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What is Dr. Tennant’s® Fungal Detox designed to address?

Dr. Tennant’s® Fungal Detox is a full-spectrum, professional-grade formula formulated to help the body regulate normal fungus and yeast balance, support optimal gut health, and promote cellular-level detoxification. It assists in managing Candida outbreaks, supporting digestion, and regulating mood and hormone levels.

How does Dr. Tennant’s® Fungal Detox work in the body?

Dr. Tennant’s® Fungal Detox aids in balancing the mycobiome, the collection of fungi in the GI tract, which contributes to proper digestion and toxin removal. It supports the body's natural ability to manage Candida and maintains a balanced proportion of yeast and healthy bacteria.

What role does fungus play in the body?

Fungus, like bacteria, is present throughout the body, including the GI tract. It assists in breaking down food and regulating digestion. The balance between fungi and bacteria in the GI tract is important for promoting healthy digestion and toxin elimination.

Can Dr. Tennant’s® Fungal Detox address Candida overgrowth?

Yes, Dr. Tennant’s® Fungal Detox is designed to help manage Candida overgrowth. Candida Albicans is a common type of yeast overgrowth that can lead to health issues when it grows out of control. The formula aims to regulate the amount of yeast in the GI tract for a healthier balance.

How does Dr. Tennant’s® Fungal Detox differ from antibacterial formulas?

Dr. Tennant’s® Fungal Detox focuses on maintaining a healthy balance of fungi, specifically addressing Candida and supporting the mycobiome. While antibacterial formulas target harmful bacteria, this formula is tailored to the unique needs of the body's fungal balance.

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trevor t.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Fungal Detox

Fungal Detox excellent just a step above anything else on the market

Janice (.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Love Microbiome Supprot

I absolutely love Dr. Tennant's Microbiome Support. I use it every day and my system is working so well!

Tennant Products Fungal Detox Review
Grayce S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Impressive Range of probiotics

I trust in Dr. Tennant's in depth and very research in gathering ingredients for all of his supplements. I have listened to many podcasts and spoken to functional physicians about which probiotics are most useful for what conditions. Although there is no real agreement as to formulations, what comes across from the range of experts about the gut microbiome is that the more diverse its types of bacteria, the better the body can do what it is designed to do, that is, to heal. Healthier people have been studied to have microbiomes with more diverse good bacteria. Some reputably probiotics include a handful of 'good' bacteria, but this one contains over a dozen.

Kathleen C.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Quick Response

Excellent! Cleared up my problem very quickly.

Dr. Grayce Marie Stratton
United States United States
I recommend this product

Absolute Miracle!

This product is a an absolute miracle!! It reversed a 3 months (!!) span of IBS that had me running for relief up to 7 or 8 times a day. When reducing food intake and changing diet provided no relief, I turned to Microbiome Support. I was truly shocked and extremely impressed when my uncomfortable and draining challenge started to reverse on the very first day. By Day 5, all was normal. It is now Day 8, and I am eating whatever good food appeals. Knowing there will be help coming with this product if ever needed again is a wonderful relief. I think this pleasant tasting powder is quite amazing and does not seem that expensive given its powerful, healthful impact.